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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Application

Bee's Knees started this conversation

I planned to apply for this but never got around to making the video.  I wish I had, before it was too late.  From the shows I have seen, they pay your mortgage off.  I hope someone reads this and applies.

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Hi my names Hope Jesenovec and I have a scoliosis. I'm having surgury December 18 and I'm scared out of my mind. This is going to sound dumb and stupid but I would like you to redesign my room or my house. My house isn't as bad as other people but it reminds me on my childhood and the pain I always had, and still do. I sleep on the floor because my bed kills my back and I stay up until 1 or 2 am. I would love for you to see this and at least read it. My family doesn't know about this because they'll just fight about me even more. The doctors say I'll be in the hospital on Christmas. And I'm trying not to cry right now but I won't lie, I am. Please help me.
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hola mi nombre es yan vivo en la república dominicana tengo 4 ninos y no tenemos donde vivir estamos por unos días donde mi papa pero el es un desconocido para mi y mis hijos ya k no me crié con el en la casa k vivimos era alquilada y no tenemos dineros para pagar otra ya k no puedo trabajar tengo una enfermedad en mis pies y a penas puedo caminar mis hijos y yo estamos pasando por una situación muy difícil apenas encontramos con k comer estoy desesperada no tenemos camas ni donde dormir necesitamos de su ayuda por favor e tenido una vida muy dura y pienso k no podre salir adelante si dios no mete su mano ya no soporto mas mis hijos se la pasan llorando por k no puedo ni pagarle el colegio ni transporte escolar estoy muy triste por la situación de mis hijos mi hija anyenny tiene 16 anos ya esta en el bachillerato randy esta en la primaria tiene 14 anos brisnny esta en la primaria paso a tercer curso y tiene 8 anos braulito paso a tercero tiene 6 anos es el menor de mis hijos ayúdenme por favor a salir de esta angustia
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Hi my name is evelyn mason and my daughter lives with me and she has two boys and we need help because our house is to tight and our bathroom floor is roted out and my pipes are real old and we have no storege for our things so please help us
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Lesliegriffin25   in reply to deleah
What state do you live in?
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I need a home make please please badly I'm Phoenicia...
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The farmer family
Hi my name shauntell I have 3 nieces and 2 nephews ,2 parents we stay in a real small house we are struggling we are really cramped and overcrowded in a two bedroom apartment and it's very difficult for us to find a bigger house and it's hard because our neighborhood was severely flooded,then I'm 16 I need my own room because I am too old to be sleeping with my nieces and nephews so therefore I need my privacy my 3 nieces are ages 2-5 and my nephews are ages 3 and 6,so therefore everyone needs to have their own room including my parents,we have been in this apartment for 2 years and we still can't find a bigger house for us and the main reason Is because there is 8 of us,and we really need to have a bigger house built as soon as possible.
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Hi my name is David Jordan and my dad has been sick a lot this year 18 days in the hospital 3 with surgery and 15 days being sick and mom just had surgery last week and I want them and there sons and daughter to have a safe house to Live in and 12 years ago are old house burned down and now we are in thousands of dollars of det
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hi my name is natasha millican. and want to help grandmother because she had breast cancer. and she found her son die in bedroom. and her house burning down 2 time so
she had to build a now house but the new house is not done all the way. please help my family.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to ChenelleInTexas
extreme makeover is no long in bussness. The ones u mite see on TV are reruns
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hello im trying to see about the makeover adition home... I am in real need of yalls help for my Father .. He has Lungcancer due to Ecbestoses..I hop\e that mom 3 years ago and I would like to really help my father ty,,
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sonshinesas   in reply to Bobbi44
Sorry no more Extreme Home Makeovers, the show has ended, google it.
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My name is Bobbi I have a friend who is in need. I think he deserves to be looked at for the next Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Please watch the news footage Thanks so much.
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autobotsrollout   in reply to Poppyday13
Who could help?
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sonshinesas   in reply to TheJessicaaa
Extreme Makeover no longer takes application, shows are all re-runs I believe.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to TheJessicaaa
Well extreme makeover is not around any more if they was it not for someone that homeless u got to be disable like one case I know of the house had mole in it and the husband was trying to fix it but he die from it that how u get a home from them but they not around now what u see on TV are old one sorry
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My name is jessica. I am 20 years old with a 22 year old fiance. We lived in an apartment for about four months. My fiance, Justin, got into a heated argument with one of the neighbors. Justin ended up leaving their apartment but a few of the boys followed and threatened our lives. We were evicted for defending ourselves.... Now we are homeless. Living in a tent. Both trying to find better jobs. It's tough. :( would extreme makeover home edition build me a house?? Cut us a break??
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Hi im robert and I have a child with a life threting deseze and I got bad engerd 16 years agow I work hard my wife has soft ball sized growth on her spine r house buntand
And we lost it all
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heaven92   in reply to deells
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The Christmas Cat   in reply to Scooter123
If a link does not work let me know which one thank you..






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Poppyday13   in reply to Scooter123
As far as I know there is no direct link from here to the Extreme make over. If you tell me a bit more about your situation then I may be able to find some help for you.
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