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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Application

Bee's Knees started this conversation

I planned to apply for this but never got around to making the video.  I wish I had, before it was too late.  From the shows I have seen, they pay your mortgage off.  I hope someone reads this and applies.

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littlelacie   in reply to chicken leg
Extreme Makeover Home Edition has been cancelled it has not been on tv for years,sorry.
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chicken leg
y grandma's basement is falling inshe has features tothe flowers my brother has their own policywe don't have money for bills like thatI like to draw and I like to think my name isAlexavierBroadusand we need helpwe live in Warren Ohio
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woman in a shoe   in reply to doodos
Hi the person u posted to not been on here sents 2012. All we can do on here is give u information where u mite get help and as of right now there no resources that will help fix a house
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I would like to fix this house for my kids to have a safe home
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littlelacie   in reply to bt3248
Hi, I'm sorry Bee's has not been on here for years. And that television show is not any longer being shown.
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butt3rflykiss3s   in reply to jdkids2779
This show no longer exists!!! I think there are grants or something in different states an Counties that will help fix up homes based on income.
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Need help Im a mother with a disability and care for my son who is also disabile need help remodeling our house
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I’m an African-American, handicapped woman. Please read all of this! I've been in a wheelchair for over 29 years. I am 43 years old. (Can I ask you a question; if you, your wife or someone in your life had to go for a vacation and little fun; or finding somewhere to work. And one of you or the both of you were in wheelchairs and there no place for you to go! What would you do and where would you go?) Let me tell you more about what I'm trying to do. This place is also going green throughout the whole retreat, recycling water, recycling energy and recycling cans, paper and glass and much more. Also included in this is an outlook of the retreat as well as drawings of plans and signs, which I have. This retreat will have benefits for ALL the disabled.

Employment: This retreat will bring a lot of job opportunities for many people in different ways, if you are disabled or not disabled. I strongly encourage the disabled people to work at this retreat and others that may open.

Example: cooks, waiters, waitresses, housekeepers, therapists and so much more.

The Retreat: Wheeling Comforts bed and breakfast retreat includes; a rode Iron Gate that will be around the whole retreat, recycling Center, R-V parking lot, There's a park named “Victory Park ” one side for us and another for a Celebrity wing. It also includes a guest parking lots, vegetable garden and fruit trees. Then you have the Petty James Reeds banquet /conference/Faculty Hall. Wheeling Comforts has a pool and hot tub, men’s and women’s restrooms and “the cage”, which is the place to have weddings and parties etc. The front of the retreat is a yard. There will be various electrical outlets in the brick fence around yard and house. You have in the house, dining rooms and kitchens and all of the other places where events can be held! There is a large size house, within the house there is a living room, laundry rooms, dining room, kitchen, hall-ways; Pantry & Linen closets, bedrooms & bathrooms. The rooms are named after “stones of the earth”. On the back side of the main house are more various electrical outs and Side-walks that lead you in many directions. One of the ways goes to the day-care, laundry rooms, and staff rooms. In the Courtyard, there are ten rooms. In the middle of the ten rooms, you have the Courtyards. Then you come to the gates of the celebrity wing, and they can have the same fun, with their own privacy as well. In there is a kitchen, dining room, day care, a small park, storage, laundry rooms, the other side of the retreat, and the celebrity wing parking lot. On both sides of the retreat, on the outside gates there are a dog runs and above that a cat runs. On the outer outside wall, on the other side of the Celebrity wing is the gift shop, salon and Medical center.

Example: There will be special equipment for the disabled people so they can get in and out of the pools, bathtubs and bed; as well as having special vehicles with lifts and ramps etc for all guest and employees.

Medical and Therapy center: There is a Medical center for any type of emergency or medical needs, for all staff and customers, until the paramedics arrive. A therapy on call for your therapy needs. A psychiatrist, there on call for those needing that back up in life. You also have on the outside wall, a salon and gift shop-Medical supply, everything within this place has the A-D-A requirements.

There are many places to hold special events and parties like (1) both sides of Victory Park (2) The Cage, (3) The Petty James Reed Banquet/Conference/ hall. (4) Pool and Hot Tub Areas (5) Courtyard (6) Celebrity wing, only Celebrities here. In all of these places, you will be able to hear music from the stereo systems; we will also be able to break off or change the music in many ways and areas around the retreat as needed. So we can have many events at the same time. I would love to give us, the disabled a place of our own. A place to come and have some fun (if needed and a place to work.) We have Know comfortable place to do anything like this!!!! It will be the first. I’m also have my none-profit, Willing Comforts Centers INC. With this I’ll be able to give to the ones that feel the world has forgotten them. With the both of these will be working together, I'll be able to do a little more, also both of these have been patent. So if you can help us, we would greatly appreciate it; and can help the disabled community get back into the world and give them a little place to call their own!

Please help the disabled community with this special project-program. Help those who need jobs, those that are handicapped and want to work and those that just need a place like this to relax, and have some fun and just want to get away in life. If you will help us out on this, this year! You and I can answer the prayers of those that need help! Thank you!
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Jazi0805
Hi the person u posted to not been for some years now. I use to live in a trailer. They are good for doing what u said its doing. When that starts it not like a home u can fix. There no way to fix a trailer. Only thinf your family can do is fine some where else to live.we can only give information where u mite get help at.
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I'm 16 years old living with my mom my grandma my 11 year old nephew and my step dad we live in a 4 bedroom trailer that's not stable enough to live in our ceiling is falling as well as our floor we have mold everywhere and termites as well everything leaks in the house and my mom jus had heart surgery and is unable to do anything my grandma is a senior citizen and can't do anything either we really need help it's all going down hill is there anything you can do to help us be in something that's livable
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Hi, I am fourteen years old. I live I a small worn down trailer with ten people. My little brother has downs sendrome, he is 4 months old. It is very easy for him to get sick, and our house has mold, and everything In it. There are wholes in the floor, one bathroom don't work, our house is literally falling apart. My papaw has diabetes, and my mamaw has skin cancer, they have to live with us because no one will take care of them. My uncle has tumors all throughout his body, and him and his wife live with us, so my mom can take càre of him. I just want a new house, an a better life so it will be easier to take care of my loved ones. Thanks
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I am 12 years old and my sister is 16 and my mom is 56 and my dad is 61 and we live on a farm but we are losing money and are house was supposed to be temporary but there is big holes in are floors and we have boards over them and we only have 2 bedrooms and we share bunk beds and there starting a new hole in are room and WE NEED HELP PLEASE!? Are house is falling apart and we "watched" your show and we cried everyone we saw the new houses ease help!!
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Iam a a teenager that lives with a blended family I love my family it's just that I have 3 brother and 2 step brothers a step sister and me but also my dad's girl grandma lives here our house is ONLY 4 bed rooms and ours house is too small for 10 peolpe I wish we had a bigger house!!!!
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a vietnam vet
my husband is a viet nam veteran who is duffering from achemic heart deases and lung problems he is on oxygen 24/7 now the home we will live in is not up to standards by far we have moved his bed downstairs to keep him from climbing stairs the home stays so dusty we really need some help
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woman in a shoe   in reply to derpy123
Hi the person u posted to not been on here for some years now sorry. I don't know of any resources that pays for fixing a house sorry
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Hi I was wondering how i get my moms house renovated, she is going through a lot right now she is working so hard to keep us in this house and I have aspergers and i am somewhat autistic, my mom had a divorce a while ago and she has had to pay for lawyers. I really want my mom to be in a better house and be able to be happy. There are holes in the wall and the door from my moms ex and we help please
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bug a boo
I have sister she is currently fighting cancershe has malanoma in her brain and she has a handycap daughter that's in a wheel car and she need her house up dated to fit there need it is cold in the winter the ceiling is falling down up stairs and it is leacking. And the bathroom there is no walls and her floors are uneven and the sink is falling though the floor so cuz u please help she really needs help for her daughter cuz she can get anyone to help her fix it up for her and her 2 gril and I would be really great full if u would help her cuz she not doing well her nothing she can do about her house and I will make a movie if u would like me to but she can't do it on her own
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sonshinesas   in reply to carrottop13
Sorry, they need to remove that information, they no longer do homes and the link is old.
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I recently moved into my mothers house and there holes in the walls and rouches and everytime I try to clean it don't look like I did. I really need some help or I'm I will move again and I don't want to because I have no where else to go. So please if you can help that will be great and money is really tight because I don't have a job yet but I did apply.
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Hi. I was wondering where I can apply to get my friends house renovated?
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