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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Application

Bee's Knees started this conversation

I planned to apply for this but never got around to making the video.  I wish I had, before it was too late.  From the shows I have seen, they pay your mortgage off.  I hope someone reads this and applies.

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Iam a a teenager that lives with a blended family I love my family it's just that I have 3 brother and 2 step brothers a step sister and me but also my dad's girl grandma lives here our house is ONLY 4 bed rooms and ours house is too small for 10 peolpe I wish we had a bigger house!!!!
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a vietnam vet
my husband is a viet nam veteran who is duffering from achemic heart deases and lung problems he is on oxygen 24/7 now the home we will live in is not up to standards by far we have moved his bed downstairs to keep him from climbing stairs the home stays so dusty we really need some help
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woman in a shoe   in reply to derpy123
Hi the person u posted to not been on here for some years now sorry. I don't know of any resources that pays for fixing a house sorry
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Hi I was wondering how i get my moms house renovated, she is going through a lot right now she is working so hard to keep us in this house and I have aspergers and i am somewhat autistic, my mom had a divorce a while ago and she has had to pay for lawyers. I really want my mom to be in a better house and be able to be happy. There are holes in the wall and the door from my moms ex and we help please
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bug a boo
I have sister she is currently fighting cancershe has malanoma in her brain and she has a handycap daughter that's in a wheel car and she need her house up dated to fit there need it is cold in the winter the ceiling is falling down up stairs and it is leacking. And the bathroom there is no walls and her floors are uneven and the sink is falling though the floor so cuz u please help she really needs help for her daughter cuz she can get anyone to help her fix it up for her and her 2 gril and I would be really great full if u would help her cuz she not doing well her nothing she can do about her house and I will make a movie if u would like me to but she can't do it on her own
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sonshinesas   in reply to carrottop13
Sorry, they need to remove that information, they no longer do homes and the link is old.
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I recently moved into my mothers house and there holes in the walls and rouches and everytime I try to clean it don't look like I did. I really need some help or I'm I will move again and I don't want to because I have no where else to go. So please if you can help that will be great and money is really tight because I don't have a job yet but I did apply.
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Hi. I was wondering where I can apply to get my friends house renovated?
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Babygurl2324
For as I know there no place that helps with fixing up a house I have been looking up a lot of resources for people on here and I hadn't found anyplace that will help with fixes a house u can try Habitat home they use to help but all I know they do now is build houses and give it to someone now not sure how they work that all I know about them
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Hi my mother just got diagnose with anxiety and depression amd I'm trying to fix out house and take care her at the same time I can't seem to find any type of assistance anywhere to help. Please help me
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Sparkylkw   in reply to cynthiamartin01
The elks lodge and vfw would help you and your home and hosp and cripple children club too try those
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Sparkylkw   in reply to cynthiamartin01
Mc Donald's Shriners should help with everything
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I'm 27 I have aspergers syndrome. My fiancee is got disability from the army because he has hurt his back in a tank accident. He sometimes needs a wheel chair. My daughter is 7 years old so far she's been diagnost with aspergers syndrome, adhd, sever food allergies. Along with allergies to bees, wasps, latex, reglan. Which she goes into anaphylaxis with all.she also has asthma. She was just diagnost with gastroparesis. And only eats 300 calories a day of food other than pediasure. And now they are diagnosis her with vascular elhers danlos syndrome. And tachycardia. Her life expectancy is only in her 20 s if she lives past that she won't live past her 40s.theres no treatments other than narcotics and she's to tiny. And therapy witch she's already in. Our mobile home now is old. There are hole in the walls and there is no bathroom floor and we have to use back door cause front door floor is gone as well.the doors art hung right cold air in winter comes through and dirt from the dirt road comes in in summer along with heat so hard to keep cool. And when she's wheel chair bound the halls and doorways art wheel chair accessible. I know cause when my fiancee in his wheel chair I have to help him walk to it cause it don't fit. I know this show is no longer airing but we can't help with habitat for humanity so they won't help us. And on top of that our suv is dieing so trying to get to her drs is a nightmare cause it stops and dies in traffic alot. Does anyone know who else can help in desperate need of help with house and car.our friend is trying to set up a fundraiser for the house and medical bills cause even though she's got insurance it won't pay for everything.
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My mom has four kids one step son she has three boys
that sleep in one room including step son and two daughters that sleep in the living room on the sofias and one on a chair we can barely walk and my mom went threw brain surgery we need help to start over and we got a couple of rouches
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woman in a shoe   in reply to monkey_53
This hunt me to see all of u like this but all we can do on here is give u information where mite get help. But for food please call church's and see which ones got food also call food pantries your aunt got to do this. But for your house I don't know any place to fix a trailer. But trailer good about falling a part. I have live in 2 of them.
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hi im Rachel im 13years old and I live with 8 people in a trailer house and my 17 year old sister has to sleep with my 15 year old cousin and they both need there space and my aunt used to sleep in living room and we sleep in our room with me and my little cousin sky but my aunt wanted a room cause she got a job and she wanted a room and me and my cousin started to sleep in the living room my mom is a deaf mute and she wants her space but she has little space and sometimes I sleep with her and my grandma is sick and cant move as well she cant walk to the restroom right and when we try to take her a bath she cant get in the shower right she sometimes hurts herself when she goes in and in the kitchen we have a hole because of the bugs we have and dust mice we keep our house clean but they still come we have two bathrooms but one doesn't work we have to use our grandmas our car sometimes doesn't work and we spend more money then eating but my grandpa sometimes brings us food and we just eat little things but we do eat so im asking you this favor to help my family and my house thank you
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I had a fire in my home. 2 construction company have took money from me and I need to rebuild this single family home. I have try to fine a good construction company. Please Help me and my family.
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sonshinesas   in reply to jdkids2779
Sorry the show has been closed for years.
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Hello my name is Chayla me and my husband has 5 kids and my husband work hard and tries his hardest to provided and put a nice roof over my kids head. Our daughter has asthma and is almost allergic to anything and everything and we know our living condition is not that healthy for her. Bad plumbing and etc the list can go on my son also wrote to you guys around 5 years ago thats how long we been watching this show. I dream of nothing but wanting the best for my kids and husband and dream every night one day yall will choose my family..
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SylverStarduster   in reply to SamanthaRH11
Samantha, Take your husband to work so you can keep the car to look for help, if you are a renter there are laws that state your landlords need to spray for bugs, or call health department. The children deserve a safe and healthy home to live in. Call 211 for numbers to help your situation. I pray you can find a better living enviroment to start.
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